How To Use Windex To Remove Stains

“Put some Windex on it!” Does anyone else remember that line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I loved that movie and it always made me laugh that Gus used Windex for quite literally everything, but I’m here to tell you now that there was some truth to what he said! I know, it’s totally shocking. With the movie being around for over a decade I’m shocked more people haven’t made this discovery and that it’s not talked about more often because it’s practically a miracle worker.

There are just some stains that are really stubborn and hard to remove, including coffee and, even worse, curry. Curry stains everything, even my cooking spoon, so when it gets on clothes it’s pretty upsetting. Michael works in a restaurant and last night got satay chicken on his jeans, the horror! Normally my go-to stain removal technique is baking soda and lemon and that usually does the trick, but after washing the jeans twice with my lemon and baking soda formula it looked pretty much exactly how it did before.

jeans before

Not a pretty look. I don’t know why it popped into my head to try Windex, possibly desperation? I thought I would give it a try, it is a cleaner after all. I sprayed on a little at first to check it wouldn’t do anything crazy and then I just squirted like crazy. I left it for about 15 minutes, reapplied some more and left it another 15 minutes and then threw it in the wash. I was a little afraid to check them but I was so surprised to see the stain almost completely gone.

jeans after

It’s by no means completely gone but it’s so much better and with another Windex and wash session I’m sure it’ll be good as new. If this can remove curry stains I can only think the wonders it will do for everything else. This is definitely my new favorite method for removing stains and I intend to use it again. What are some of your favorite ways to remove stains?

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